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Melasma Starter Pack

PHA Skin Wash

Cairan pembersih dengan kandungan Moisturizer yang dapat merawat kelembaban alami kulit. Membersihkan kotoran, minyak berlebih & sisa make-up dikulit. Menjadikan kulit lebih bersih, lembut dan tetap sehat.

Sunscreen Cream Oil Free

Dengan formula khusus “Oil Free” yang lembut & ringan dapat melindungi kulit terhadap efek buruk sinar matahari

Whitening Night Cream

Cream dengan formula khusus yang dapat mencerahkan serta melembabkan kulit, menyamarkan noda hitam serta melindungi kulit wajah dari efek buruk sinar matahari

Compositions Polyester
Styles Girly
Properties Short Dress

Fashion has been creating well-designed collections since 2010. The brand offers feminine designs delivering stylish separates and statement dresses which have since evolved into a full ready-to-wear collection in which every item is a vital part of a woman's wardrobe. The result? Cool, easy, chic looks with youthful elegance and unmistakable signature style. All the beautiful pieces are made in Italy and manufactured with the greatest attention. Now Fashion extends to a range of accessories including shoes, hats, belts and more!

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